The Moments 1

Watercolor on paper

These watercolour sketches depict some of Que's favourite sites and communties, from both a historic and cultural perspective.


The Walled Village 圍村 was a 600 year old site in Hong Kong that was recently torn down. The Taoism festival 太平清醮 - is a annual ritual that began in the 18th Century where Cantonese people perform dragon dances and partake in "bun-climbing" to drive away evil sprits. 


Many of these traditions and buildings have come under attack by the current ruling political party as they are deemed backwards and not compatible with contemporary views. Similarly, buildings with colonial influences are being removed by the authorities as part of their efforts at decolonisation. By capturing these memories and locations in her art, Que hopes to share them with future generations and all cultures, hoping to pass on the feelings that she feels when she looks at them.

Copyright © 2019 All right reserved by Que Chan

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